Alla Torre (Lujiazui)




DINING - Italian


PUDONG - Lujiazui


From the team that brought Brazilian barbecue to Shanghai with Latina comes the comforting and carb-loaded dishes of Italy with Alla Torre.

Alla Torre Lujiazui is located right in the center of the glitter and glamour the district is famous for, across from the Shangri-la and Ritz Carlton hotels. 

The simple and rustic decor is reminiscent of the Old Country, and the massive wood fired oven adds to the coziness of the atmosphere.

There is a reasonably-priced and extensive wine and food menu. Diners love the thin crust pizzas baked to hot perfection as well as the rich and cheesy pastas.

If you (or your wallet) need a break from some of the high-end drinking and dining spots of Lujiazui, head over to Alla Torre for a nice change of pace.

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