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Shanghai, located on the estuary of Yangtze River, has been committed to the center of commerce and trade in the Far East since ancient times due to her geographical advantages.

Thanks to the Reform and Opening-Up Policy in China as well as the strategy of setup of Pudong New Area as Special Economic Zone, Shanghai has developed into the national center of economy, transportation, technology, industry, finance, exhibition & convention, and shipping, and sprung into one of the world's most populous and largest metropolitan cities.

This vibrant city is not only renowned for her economic development, but also recognized as a city with distinctive history and cultural heritages. 

During the Song dynasty, Shanghai was upgraded from a village to a market town; with a history of more than 700 years, Shanghai was first administered as a county during Yuan Dynasty. 

The defeat of the Qing dynasty in the First Opium War granted British five treaty ports for international trade, foreign settlements, and visitation. This is the historical reason that engendered a highly internationalized Shanghai. 

Some cultural relics have been well preserved in Shanghai urban area. Huangdaopo Memorial Hall, Xu Guangqi Memorial Park, Lu Xun Park, Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen, Song Qingling Mausoleum, etc., witnessed historical and cultural vicissitudes of Shanghai. 

The city's high-level internationalization has attracted overseas people drop visits for sightseeing, business exhibition, scientific and cultural exchanges, it consequently stimulates the growth of service industry's standard, like hotel, catering, tourism, shopping, etc., making them rising up to the world's top level.


Shanghai is one of the world's great tourism destinations, and its range of attractions can be overwhelming. The sheer scale of the city is compounded by its extraordinary wealth of historic and contemporary attractions.



As one of the biggest and fast developing modern city, Shanghai has moved up to the world-wide leading position in many industries. These honors brings in numerous "center" crowns to Shanghai, it leads in plenty of opportunities as well as challenges.



There was a time in Shanghai when if you wanted a proper drink, your choices were limited to the bar in your hotel or a lounge down the street. But today, Shanghai's nightlife scene is thriving and full of options. Clubs, lounges, bars, and more.



Shanghai offers a wide selection list on eating, you could easily find restaurants in various of cuisines: Chinese local cuisines, European, American, Latin, Mediterranean, Japanese, etc.



Thanks to the prosperous business development, famed tourist sights and various exhibitions and international conferences held yearly, Shanghai receives huge visitors every year, hotel industry is developing with great opportunities as well as pressure.



From the earliest years of the modern period, Shanghai has been China's glistening shop-window, or urban display-case, through which the world sold itself to China, and China sold itself to the world.



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