Happy Thanksgiving 1128

Happy Thanksgiving 1128 Finished

5-10pm, Thursday, November 28



DINING - Festival


PUDONG - Lujiazui


CNY 298/couple

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and appreciate who you have and what you have. 

It is a time for families to meet, socialize and enjoy each other's company, sometimes the only opportunity in a year. 

Come to Alla Torre and celebrate it with us, our special set menu will surely make you GRATE-FULL! 


Clam Chowder


Main Course 

Tuscan Sausage Risotto

Veal Tenderloin with polenta


Chocolate Soufflé +Thanksgiving Drinks!

Alla Torre wishes you a harvest of blessings, good health and good times. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

CNY 298 per couple 

5-10pm, Thursday, Nov 28th

*Available at all Alla Torre branches

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