Delight your day with Cotton's lavish brunch

New brunch menu unveiling at Cotton's


18 May 2020

Cotton's (Anting Road) No.132 Anting Road, by West Jianguo Road

Listing Page 021-64337995

New brunch menu at Cotton's

The graceful ambiance, succulent brunch foods, and spirit refreshing free-flow drinks, are all you need to make your day sparkle and shine, are waiting for you here in Cotton's gardens and villas! Come out and enjoy this simple pleasure, stay healthy while dining to your heart's content, summer should be as passionate as it could be.

Brunch Set Dishes.jpg

Dishes under spotlight

Avocados, zucchinis, sweet potatoes, kale, walnuts, barley, whole wheat baguettes, and more fresh seasonal fruits are selected and combined to create delicate salads to favor those with a plant based lifestyle. While bacon, cheese, ham, and egg are available those who lean towards these essential proteins.

The Power Bowl 能量碗.jpg

The Power Bowl 能量碗

Egg & Ham Sandwich 火腿鸡蛋三明治.jpg

Egg & Ham Sandwich 火腿鸡蛋三明治

Avocado and Egg Bruschetta 牛油果鸡蛋面包片.jpg

Avocado and Egg Bruschetta 牛油果鸡蛋面包片

Sweet Potato Fritter 红薯馅饼.jpg

Sweet Potato Fritter 红薯馅饼

Green & Veggie Bowl 健康素食碗.jpg

Green & Veggie Bowl 健康素食碗

This brand new brunch set menu represents Cotton's commitment and great concern for diners' health. 

It was designed with thorough consideration on selecting both healthy ingredients selecting and extraordinary flavors and seasonings. With each succulent bite of the meal you experience a cascade of enjoyment and refreshing energy without heavy calories.

Classic dishes kept in a la carte column

The a la carte menu brings Cotton's recommended foods to entice diner's appetite. From the classic Wagyu Burger, Cotton's Famous Fired Rice, Tuna Tataki, Salmon Poke, Energy Salad, to the succulent chicken leg or steak. You will never be disappointed giving a shot at it!

BBQ Cheese Burger 烧烤汉堡.jpg

BBQ Cheese Burger 烧烤汉堡

Salmon Poke 三文鱼波奇饭.jpg

Salmon Poke 三文鱼波奇饭

Tuna Poke 吞拿鱼波奇饭.jpg

Tuna Poke 吞拿鱼波奇饭

Tuna Tataki 吞拿鱼塔.jpg

Tuna Tataki 吞拿鱼塔

Cotton's Fried Rice 棉花炒饭.jpg

Cotton's Fried Rice 棉花炒饭

Drink options

If you'd have the rest of the day switched to chill, for a relaxing and casual mode, drop another 168 for 3 hours of free-flow on beers and soft drinks, or 268 for fancy drinks like sparkling wine, red/white wine, mimosas, and Aperol Spritz.

April Flower (Mocktail) 四月之花(无酒精鸡尾酒).jpg

April Flower (Mocktail) 四月之花(无酒精鸡尾酒)

Caribbean Sunshine (Mocktail) 加勒比阳光 ( 无酒精鸡尾酒).jpg

Caribbean Sunshine (Mocktail) 加勒比阳光 ( 无酒精鸡尾酒)

Don't take my word for it, stop by and take one taste and you'll know! 

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