It was an unexpected palate treat elevating the business trip

New arrivals at the Leonardo's


9 Nov 2020

Leonardo's 1F, The Kunlun Jing'an, No.250 Huashan Road

Listing Page 021-62480000

The reward for hard working team

It all started from an ending of a business appointment, intense discussions had drained out energy, fellows were getting starving, it was about the time to reward ourselves: dinner!

As this improvising inspiration was not part of the initial plan, time was too tight to reach out a collectively agreed dining spot, we decided to take our chances within the hotel, which was then proved a correct decision.

We know Leonardo's for a long time, but it was until the moment we turned over its menu cover we realized its newly appointed Executive Chef had brought in something new. 

Dining Seats - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Dining area in Leonardo's

A divine dinner meal

Steak tartare couldn't be a better choice to spark appetites, especially when it was delivered from a live cooking show demonstrated by the chef. While a good recipe is part of the key to mixing a fabulous steak tartare, a selected cut of fresh beef is the main event over there. When two plates of raw ground beef and a couple of seasonings and garnishes have been well presented on the kitchen cart in front of you, you know the chef is serious.

Ingredients placed on kitchen cart - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Ingredients of Steak Tartare

Steak Tartare making process (2) - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

The chef on the show

Steak Tartare making process (3) - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

The chef on the show

Savory accomplished after a parade of skillful handling. Put a spoon of this tempting mixture into mouth and taste it with tongue, nibbling and feeling the delectable flavor brought together by the tender ground beef and gorgeous toppings, nothing needs to say, empty plates ahead of the next course explain everything! Bravo!

Steak Tartare - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Steak Tartare

Speaking of European cuisine, ingredients like Ham, Mozzarella, and Octopus can be presented in hundreds of ways. However, here in Leonardo, the classical way is fundamental. When you see those finely sliced ham served with mouth-watering Mozzarella, as well as grilled octopus mixed with fresh salad leaves, all coming together to fill the room with truly Mediterranean zest and indulge people with extreme palate satisfactions, be careful, you are manipulated! 

Appetizer (2) - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Appetizer - Burrata

Appetizer (3) - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Appetizer - Octopus Salad

Soup - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg


The main foods are lavish! Tomahawk, sliced Wagyu, and Spanish Iberico Pork Pluma, this succulent meat carnival is no doubt paving the way to a late-night workout bite by bite. Well, if it is a definitive ending to go gym, why not squeeze a bit more room for a slice of signature Capricciosa Pizza and a sweet parade?

Tomahawk - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg


Spanish Iberico Pork Pluma - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Spanish Iberico Pork Pluma

Sliced Wagyu - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Sliced Wagyu

Valrohna Chocolate Tiramisu is a must take, it'll instantly conquer your palate with a fantastic savor combination attributed to the tasty chocolate and rich whisky, strong onset and long-lasting aftertaste, easily rousing your desire for one more, absolutely a badass!

Dessert Parade - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg


Valrohna Chocolate Tiramisu - Leonardo's - Shanghai Restaurants.jpg

Valrohna Chocolate Tiramisu - the star of the night


Where is the nearest gym? How about…… How about we call it a day!

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