Cotton's (Anting Road)

棉花酒吧 (安亭路)





XUHUI - Hengshan Road


Although it is no longer in its original location on Yueyang Road, Cotton's remains a key establishment in Shanghai's food and beverage scene.

Located in a renovated villa, you'll feel right at home in the cozy space. It's especially welcoming on a cold Shanghai night, as you can sit next to the fire and relax in the soft seats while you sip on a signature cocktail. When the weather is pleasant, you may prefer to sit in the garden area, where you can listen to great music and enjoy the ambiance reminiscent of old Shanghai. 

In addition to its regular offerings, Cotton's Shanghai provides guests with abundant daily promotions and special deals, giving you one more reason to spend a chill afternoon or a romantic night surrounded by great music and candlelight.

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