Aqua Fiesta 0711

Aqua Fiesta 0711 Finished

Epic outdoor pool carnival

12pm - 10pm, Saturday, July 11th



NIGHTLIFE - Theme Party


MINHANG - Huacao


CNY 250

Is there any good idea to kill a summer weekend day? How about a fantastic pool party that blends cheerful atmosphere with cutting edge electronic music, which is hosted at a secluded oasis in Forest Manor?

No doubt, this is gonna be one of the best parties you can't miss in this July!

Aqua Fiesta by Space Panda, is committed to delight you all the day on July 11th, mark it on your calendar, and get ready to be part of this exciting pool carnival!

Scan the QR code in flyer for ticket purchase.

CNY 250/ticket, including one drink.

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