Register a WeChat account and setup WeChat Pay

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A step-by-step tutorial on WeChat account registering and WeChat Pay setup.

WeChat is renowned for its powerful communication methods (text message, voice message, video message, voice call, and video call) that connect people from all over the world. In addition, its featured digital pay has become one of the major forces that lead the country to a highly developed cashless society.

Now, let's go have a look at how to register a Wechat account, and how to set up an e-wallet in that account.

First, get the app installed by searching 'WeChat' in the app store, this is how the app looks like:

WeChat App.jpg

Second, open the app and tap 'Sign Up' to start a new account registering.

Welcome Page and Sign Up.jpg

Fill out the form with valid info about a real person (Note, inconsistent info or false info will probably lead the registering process to failure).

WeChat supports registration with valid phone numbers from countries in a wide range, please select the matching country or region to ensure the subsequent verification procedure can be successfully completed

After ticking up 'I have read...', tap 'Next' to move to the privacy policy reading page. 

WeChat Privacy Protection Guideline.jpg

Tick up 'I have read...' and tap 'Next, let's move on.

Security Check.jpg

Here comes the procedure of 'Security Check', to get it started, a captcha puzzle needs to be made first - Drag the slider below to fit the puzzle piece.

Security Check - Friend's Assistance.jpg

Once you've got to this page, you'll need assistance from one of your friends who is already a WeChat user and meeting the following conditions:

a. Signed up for WeChat over 6months ago

b. Has activated WeChat Pay

c. Hasn't completed "Help Friend Register" for other users in the past month

d. Hasn't been clocked in the past month

If you are doing the thing without an eligible friend's presence, you could select to make it with the option of "Inconvenient to scan QR code". On this occasion, you'll need your eligible friend to finish the registering assistance with his/her own WeChat account.

What your friend is expected to do are:

Searching 'WeChat Team' in the WeChat search box, selecting the account, and getting to its main page.

Calling out the assistance-making procedure by taping ' Account' at the bottom and selecting 'Help Friend Register'. 

Filling the field with your phone number which needs the registering assistance.

Help Friend Register.jpg

Submit the phone number and get it done!

Assistant registration successful.jpg

Finally, go back with your phone and open the app again, you are able to move on to the next step.

Tap Sign Up and fill in the name, phone number, and password just the same as what you did in the previous round, finish the captcha, then you will see "Send SMS Code To Verify"

Send SMS Code To Verify.jpg

Select "Send SMS" to get the verification message sent to your phone through SMS. Tap "SMS Sent. Next." to move on, the system will automatically receive the code and fill it to get the procedure accomplished. 

A notification will pop up and give you the choice of whether you would add friends by allowing the app to access your contacts. You can do it now by tapping "Agree and enter WeChat", or just leave it to later. 

Find WeChat Friends.jpg

Till now. you've finished the steps of registering a Wechat account by following the official instructions.

However, you may also hear of some cracking ways to make it happen, such as Sign Up with a Google Voice account or virtual phone number. Well, it could possibly work for a spell, but WeChat is implementing a censorship system to monitor suspicious behaviors, by which it'll blacklist the account that has violated the regulation rules. So, if you want to have the WeChat account for the purpose of long-term use, just get it the right way, it'll save a lot of hassles of the account being blocked or blacklisted.

After getting a WeChat account, let's see how to set up an e-wallet in the account and make the WeChat Pay work!


Due to the regulation of Real-Name Authentication in China, WeChat Pay can only be activated after the completion of the Real-Name Authentication.

To complete this process, you need to link the account to a valid bank card and fill out the form about the card with the real info of the card owner.

First, tap "Me" at the right bottom, and then tap "Wechat Pay" – "Wallet" – "Cards" – "Add a Card" 

Link with cards.jpg

Fill in a valid bank card number and fill out the form with the credentials requested on the page.

Add a Card.jpg

After the connection has been successfully made, you'll see this page.

Real-Name Authentication.jpg

Well, there are differences in the using scope of WeChat Pay between linking an international card and linking a Chinese native card.

The connection with a Chinese native bank card (debit card) can give the user a full-scale of the using scope facilitated by WeChat, as it is the default way to finish the Real-Name Authentication. Users can make money transactions, receive red packets, top-up phones, and pay for a wide range of utilities, not to mention it can be used to pay for the consumptions coming from the third-party applications like Didi 滴滴, Mobile 摩拜单车, etc. See How to open a Chinese local bank account?

However, linking the account to a foreign bank card could only enjoy a limited using scope that is subject to the recipient account status (whether it opens the channel of collecting foreign currencies), payments for the consumptions coming from the third parties are less likely to be made successfully.

Article updated on 30th December 2020. If you've got any other practical knowledge or experience about how to register a WeChat account and set up WeChat Pay, you are welcome to leave your thoughts in the Comments.


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