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20 Jun 2019

Atrium Cafe 1F, The Kunlun Jing'an, No.250 Huashan Road, by Yan'an Road

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Crayfish in China

Over the last decade, the humble crayfish has increasingly made it into the plates and hearts of many Chinese food lovers. It has become an important part of summer's street food, take-away, and celebratory feast due to its succulent texture and versatility.

Ordering a heap of crayfish in multiple flavors, enjoying them with an iced-cold beer, and sharing with family or friends. It's these experiences that create delightful summer nights and memories.

All-you-can-eat crayfish

Chefs throughout the city have invented a myriad of creative ways to serve guests flavorful crayfish prepared by seasoned chefs. It is now common to see serving dishes piled high with crayfish among many of the top hotels in the city, much to the delight of their guests.

Offer at Jing'an Kunlun

Atrium Café in Jing An Kunlun hotel is one hotel that has more than delivered when it comes to serving guests with copious amounts of crayfish.


Whether starting your day with a hearty breakfast, basking in the morning light, or ending it with stargazing over dinner, the unique glasshouse design of Atrium Café all-day dining restaurant is an ideal environment to enjoy seasonal a la carte dishes or an international buffet.


Start your weekend at Atrium Café, which features an array of cold dishes and seafood, including salmon, snow crab leg, Teppan, meat carvings and delicious desserts. 


Fresh crayfish here are served in 5 unique dishes including Malaysian coconut curry crayfish, baked salt crust crayfish with herbs, spicy crayfish with thirteen Chinese herbs, crayfish with salted egg yolk and iced crayfish.




Every Friday to Sunday, from 6 pm onwards, experience free flow crayfish and other international dishes at only RMB258 (plus 15% service charge).

Make your weekend a filling and delicious experience to remember at the Atrium Café.


For reservations and inquiries, please dial: +86 21 6248 0000 ext.1741

* Crayfish expired to August 31, 2019 



Atrium Café at The Kunlun Jing An

No.250 Huashan Road, Jing An District, Shanghai China

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