Huaihai Road (Huai Hai Road)

Huaihai Road (Huai Hai Road)




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HUANGPU - Huaihai Road


Huaihai Road is one of the main streets of Shanghai that are famed for the prosperous scenes filled with parades of malls, stores, and shops, as well as the discerning crowds that are shopping with sophisticated experience.

The entire Huaihai Road is joined by three sections: East Huaihai Road between Zhejiang Road (S.) and Xizang Road (S.), Middle Huaihai Road between Xizang Road (S.) and Huashan Road, and West Huaihai Road between Huashan Road and Hongqiao Road, the prime one of which is the Middle Huaihai Road, it is the traditional shopping center that is considered as one of the city's best presentations of the flourishing economy.

The initial construction of Huaihai Road was started in 1900 and completed in the next year 1901, after which the previous two roads of Xi Jiang Road and Bao Chang Road were joined together into one thoroughfare with the name Bao Chang Road in commemoration of the head of the administration of the French Concession at the time. In 1915, Bao Chang Road was renamed Joffre Road by the administration of the French Concession at the time to commemorate the remarkable French general - Joseph Joffre. In May 1950, the road was officially named Huaihai Road to commemorate the decisive victory of the People's Liberation Army of China in the Huaihai Battle which was engaged between the armies of China's two parties from November 6th, 1948 to January 10th, 1949.

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  • Huaihai Road (Huai Hai Road)

    Middle Huaihai Road, by Huashan Road and South Xizang Road


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