Private Transfer for Airport, Train Station, and Cruise Port of Shanghai, Day-rental Ride Service

Service: PT-01

Private Transfers and Day-rental Rides in Shanghai

Say goodbye to frustrating searches for taxis on the street, which can be difficult even in good weather. Our Private Transfer and Day-Rental Ride can ensure a pleasant trip that starts from the moment you arrived in the city. 

We provide travelers with a wide range of vehicle options, including Economy Car, Sedan, Mini Bus, Coach Bus, Limousine, and Mini Van / MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicles), to meet different passenger groups and budget settings. In addition to the standard facilities like the infant seat, wheelchair, and stroller, a personal assistant will be allocated to the passenger to help with a smooth and customized traveling experience by solving problems and answering questions during the trip.

(The personal assistant is working remotely to answer your call made at any time during the trip. At this moment, we only provide the personal assistant service in English speaking)

- TRIP TYPE 1: Private Airport/Train Station/Port Transfer from/to your appointed location

The private transfer service shuttling between any of the city gateways and an appointed location is convenient and well organized. A punctual ride to/from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, Shanghai Railway Station (Jing'an), or Shanghai Wusong Cruise Port can be easily ordered by only a few mouse clickings or finger tappings.

- TRIP TYPE 2: One-day-rental Ride & Half-day-rental Ride 

The passenger will enjoy a private day-rental ride around the city or any other locations within the duration of one-day or half-day. Your traveling ride can be quite a pleasure and enjoyment with comfortable seating accommodation and 24x7 hours of personal assistance.

* Pickup, meet the driver

There's no need to wait in long taxi queues, or to worry about your heavy luggage. Let our professional driver take care of the luggage delivery to the car trunk and manage to get to the appointed destination with a smooth & safe ride in strict punctuality.

For an Airport Pickup, our driver will be waiting at the hall exit and holding a pickup sign showing the passager's name that has been filled in the booking form. 

For the Pickup of Shanghai's train stations (Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station), all of these stations provide dedicated pick-up points for travelers meeting road connections, 5-10 minutes' walk from the arrival platform. Our driver will greet you at the platform exit and handle all your luggage on the walk to the parking area. After arriving at your appointed destination, our driver will manage the delivery of your luggage to your room.

Once again, if you are taking the ride to the destination of an airport, railway station, or cruise port, our driver will pick you up at the appointed starting point with the handling of the luggage, and then deliver a punctual arrival in a smooth and safe ride.

You could choose an end-to-end driver escort with luggage handling by parking at the on-site parking area of an airport, railway station, or cruise port. There is a walking distance between the parking lot and the ticket-checking post for each of the traffic hubs, usually around 5 minutes walk. For passengers having less luggage amount or being catching up with schedules, a stop-and-go pulling over at the frontage of the departure hall can be the best choice. (The escort to the ticket-checking post by the driver can not be made in this case as the car will have to leave within 3 minutes due to the traffic regulations of the airport, train station, and port.)

* Highlight to expect: enjoy the convenience brought by our featured concierge-like personal assistant

If questions of any kind come up, the personal assistant allocated to you will efficiently address them. Changes to your itinerary, even those made at the last-minute, can be managed in the same way.

The personal assistant is a kind of one-on-one hotline operator who will take care of all trip-related issues for our passengers, even the matters not related to the trip can be handled well!

Note: The contact of the personal assistant will be sent via an internal message that will be kept in the Messages tab on your account panel page.

Photos of the car types

Infiniti Q50.jpg


S Class - Benz.jpg


GL8 - Buick MPV.jpg

Economy MPV

Alphard - Toyota MPV.jpg

Deluxe MPV

Benz V 260.jpg

Executive MPV

Whatever your destination, our chauffeurs will get you there best.

Trip price starts from CNY 200/trip

More details: 

  • The selection made on Car Type will have a random allocation from all available options grouped in each class:

    Economy Infinity Q50, Volkswagen Passat

    Sedan Mercedes-Benz E Class, Audi A6

    Economy Mini Van/MPV Buick GL8

    Deluxe Mini Van/MPV Toyota Alphard

    Executive Mini Van/MPV Mercedes-Benz V class

    Limousine Mercedes-Benz S Class

  • Two bottled water are offered in the car for free

  • The facility of the infant seat is available as an independent option of the Car type in the booking form

  • The facility of the wheelchair or stroller is only available by filling the request in the field of Additional notes in the booking form

  • One-Day-Rental Ride defines a duration of a private ride by 8 hours; likewise, Half-Day-Rental Ride covers 4 hours. Any ride exceeding the duration standard would incur an overtime charge by CNY 100-300/hour (varying based on the car type)

  • Parking & Toll fee are included

  • No upfront fee is requested for a booking submission, and payment is subject to the trip end.

  • Flat-package ride service. No hiding fees or tricky charges will be added at the trip end.