Shanghai's suburban Minhang District is located in the center of the municipality. Yonghe King 永和大王 and Want Want China 中国旺旺 are among the large companies headquartered in the district. 

Want Want China 旺旺.jpg

Want Want China 中国旺旺

Laowaijie 老外街101, is a distinctive pedestrian street lying on the border of Minhang and Changning district, gathering dozens of exotic restaurants and bars situating along the street's two sides, enticing locals and expat residents to drown in gourmets in succulent choices. Additional fascinations are the reasonable prices and plenty of daily promotions offered by most of the venues in the street. On the opposite side the street, there is the Hongqiao International Pearl City, which is famous for selling fashion and gift goods at reasonable prices.

Laowaijie (1).jpg

Laowaijie 虹梅路老外街

Laowaijie (2).jpg

Laowaijie 虹梅路老外街

Hongqiao International Pearl City - Exterior.jpg

Hongqiao International Pearl City 虹桥国际珍珠城

Qibao Ancient Town, dating back to the Northern Song Dynasty, has been swallowed into the city's urban fabric, but remains a popular leisure destination. Its canal-side tea-shops serve tempting local snacks. The town derived its name (meaning 'Seven Treasures') from Qibao Temple – with a history of over 1,000 years – remarkable for its Han and Tang architectural features. Qibao is a center for traditional Chinese cricket-fighting, and its insects are admired throughout the city for their ferocity.  

Qibao Ancient Town (1).jpg

Qibao Ancient Town 七宝古镇

Qibao Ancient Town (8).jpg

Qibao Ancient Town 七宝古镇

Qibao Ancient Town (2).jpg

Qibao Ancient Town 七宝古镇

The Qizhong Stadium 旗忠体育场 (or Qizhong Forest Sports City Arena 旗忠森林体育中心) is the country's second largest tennis venue, and was the largest in Asia prior to the completion of the Olympic Green Tennis Centre, constructed for the 2008 Games in Beijing. Its retractable eight-petaled steel roof is modeled after the magnolia, Shanghai's city flower. 

Among the international schools based in Minhang are the British International School Shanghai 上海英国学校, Dulwich College Shanghai 上海德威英国国际学校, the Shanghai American School 上海美国学校, the Shanghai Rego International School 上海瑞金国际学校, and the Shanghai Singapore International School 上海新加坡国际学校. Among local institutions of higher education, both Shanghai Jiaotong University 上海交通大学 and East China Normal University 华东师范大学 have campuses in the district.